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«Деревня обняла меня, своим запахом молодых листьев и расцветающих кустов, своим пространством, своею... тишиною и спокойствием. Не умею объяснить тебе, какой мир пролился в мою душу!»


                    С.Т. Аксаков об усадьбе Абрамцево


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    Abramtsevo is only an hour away from Moscow along the railway leading to the city of Yaroslavl. The landscape here is typical of central Russia. There are thick fir forests and low hills in this northeastern part of the Moscow region. It is cut by the small Voria river whose banks a covered with thick bush. Here stands the small Abramtsevo estate, that played an important role in the history Russian culture.

     In 1843, the estate was bought by Sergei Aksakov, the author of the well-known books
«The Family Chronicle», «The Childhood of the Grandchild Bagrov», and of the wonderful fairy-tale «The Red Flower».

    The estate was visited by many progressive representatives of Russian culture of the day: V. G. Belinskyi A. I. Ghertsen, N. V. Stankevi'ch, M. A. Bakunin, T. N. Grarovskyj N. V. Gogol, I. S. Turgeniev, M. S. Schepkin, A. V. Koltsov, T. G. Shevchenko and many others.

      The Aksakov family was distinguished by its love of Russia, its culture, national traits. They believed in the Russian people and their great future. In 1859, Sergei Aksakov died and the estate was deserted, but in eleven years it again came to life. In 1870, it was bought by Savva Mamontov, a leading industrialist who played an important role in promoting Russian fine and theatrical arts.

    He united the leading Russian artists of the late 19th early 20th century — I. E. Repin, V. D. Polenov, V. M. Vasnetsov, V. A. Serov, M. A. Vrubel, K. A. Korovin, I. S. Ostroukhov, M. V. Nesterov and others — into what was called the «Mamontov Circle». They were united by the common desire to create a Russian national school of art founded on national traditions and folk arts and crafts.

     The artists who visited Abramtsevo lived in beautiful natural surroundings — the dark forrcst, sun-fillce meadows, rye fields and winding country roads. Here a number of works were painted that have become famous. In Abramtsevo Repin, under the influence of works by Gogol and the history of Malorossia, painted his «Tlie Zhaporozh Cossacks», and the proximity of the Troitse-Ser-giev Monastery aided him in gathering material for the «The Religious Procession in the Kursk Province». He also did other paintings here.

   V. M. Vasnetsov painted his «Epic Heroes», using the Voria river valley as background. His painting «Alyonushka» was done in the village of Akhtyrka.

  V. A. Serov painted «Thc Girl with the Peaches» in Abramtsevo. It was the portrait of Mamontov's daughter Vera. And M. V. Nesterov painted is «Her-mit» and «The Apparition of the Boy Bartholomew».

    Near the villa of the Aksakov family stands the studio building constructed by the architect V. A. Gartman in the Russian national style. It now houses the collection of folk crafts that was gathered by the visiting artists, objects made by the Abramtsevo craftsmen and majolika made by Vrubel.

    On the opposite side of villa stands the «Bath House» built by the architect I. P. Ropet, also in the Russian style. And a little farther away, among the fir trees, stands a small white chapel built in 1881—1882 by V. M. Vasnetsov. In 1883, he also built the fairy-tale «House on Chicken Legs».

       It is not accidental that a rich collection of sculpture, paintings and architectural monuments is gathered in Abramtsevo. Beginning with the 1840-ties realism began to predominate first in literature and later, in 1860-tics,in the arts.

     This was the time when artists and writers were seeking the truth in life and art.The collection of the Abramtsevo Museum now contains landscapes, sketches, sketches of scenery and costumes for theatrical productions and portraits.


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