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Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering. Azure AD Premium P1 vs. Which is right for you? Microsoft's cloud-based Active Directory has different features than the on-premises version, and you'll need to do your homework to decide which premium version is a better fit. Share this item with your network: By Published: Microsoft released Azure Active Directory Azure AD to general availability in , and many in IT are at least aware of it if they're not actively using it. There tends to be some confusion about this product due to its name; Azure AD is not Active Directory in the cloud. Both have identity management systems as a key component, but they're very different systems.

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Built on top of a large set of free capabilities in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Premium provides a robust set of more advanced features to help empower enterprises with more demanding identity and access management needs. When you subscribe to Azure, you get your choice of the following free and paid editions of Azure AD: Active Directory Premium — With the Premium edition of Azure AD you get all of the capabilities that Free has to offer, plus feature-rich Enterprise-level identity management capabilities explained below. Group-based application access Use groups to provision users and assign user access in bulk to over SaaS applications. These groups can either be created solely in the cloud or you can leverage existing groups that have been synced in from your on-premises Active Directory.

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With the exponential increase of phishing and password spray attacks over the ad premium year, you ad premium automate security responses to keep ad premium with the sophistication of modern cyberattacks, which requires AAD P2. For a full feature comparison of Azure Active Directory, refer to the chart below. Azure AD Identity Protection is available in the Azure Marketplace and uses machine learning along with artificial intelligence to review log data from your entire organization. Continuous monitoring of both Azure AD and on-premises AD environments creates risk profiles for your users to automate security responses. Risk data from Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection also contributes to determining device risk profiles.

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The Premium editions are available through your Microsoft representative, the Open Azure AD Connect sync (extend on-premises directories to Azure AD). Aug 14, - Once you come to this realization, you'll then want to go a step further and do an Azure AD Premium P1 vs. P2 comparison. Azure AD is a cloud-based identity management product that continues to grow and collect new features and abilities regularly. The free tier does not have.

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