Azure ad premium trial

azure ad premium trial

At this point, if you have never used Azure before, then you will need to pass through a brief phone-verification step before reaching the Azure AD administration portal. New customers If you do not already have an Azure or Office subscription or free trial, then you are considered a new customer with respect to Azure AD. The three-step process requires that you first provide location, business and contact information; create a user ID, and pass a simple human verification test. With those three steps completed, you will arrive at the Office administration page. The rest of the process is the same as it is for existing customers, outlined above. Creating directories, users, and groups Creating a new directory Creating a user directory from the Azure AD portal is the natural first step to take as you explore the functionality of Azure AD. A window will appear with three fields required to specify your directory: Name Country or region There is also a checkbox to specify that the directory is B2C. There are three steps to adding a new user:

Azure Ad Premium Trial

Azure Active Directory Premium—Free Trial | Microsoft Azure

Add Karen Gruber to the Marketing group. Create the following group in the Adatum directory: Sales and Marketing Description: Sales and Marketing employees Membership type:

Azure Active Directory identity as a service

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to secure access to Azure AD. The objectives azure ad premium trial this lesson include: Here we are at the Azure Portal. This takes us to the overview screen of Azure AD where we can begin to manage our environment. You can see that we can easily see our Users and Groups as well as search for users, groups, and applications.

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