Buy autodesk moldflow products

buy autodesk moldflow products

Part designers can evaluate manufacturing feasibility, cost efficiency and environmental impact concurrently with product development as the design evolves. This plug-in highlights potential design problems directly on the CAD model and provides immediate feedback on design manufacturability, cost efficiency, and the environmental impact of the plastic material. Fill patterns, undercuts, poor draft angles, weld lines, and sink marks are represented on the model, and these are updated almost instantly as design parameters are altered in the model. These capabilities allow designers to react quickly to address identified issues and optimize their designs. You may not be the Moldflow user in your company, but you can still use this utility to perform some preliminary checks in Inventor before the Moldflow users get their hands on the model. Availability In order the install the Moldflow Adviser Design add-in for Autodesk Inventor, the following criteria are assumed: To access the installer for the utility, visit the Autodesk Subscription site and locate the product enhancements section. You may need your contract manager to perform this download in order to obtain the files.

Autodesk Inventor Moldflow Adviser Design Plug-in | AUGI - The world's largest CAD & BIM User Group

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