Buy nik software

Buy nik software

Shares Image credit: The best-loved plug-in suite of all time had found a new home where it would get the longevity and development it deserved. What's new in Nik Collection 2? Step 1: It will automatically apply a lens correction profile or prompt you to download one and carry out some basic tonal enhancements on your raw files.

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More expensive than previously No option to get the plug-ins alone The Nik Collection is a set of seven plug-ins originally developed by Nik Software and sold individually, then bought by Google and sold as a single suite, then discontinued and given away free, and finally rescued by DxO and relaunched as a commercial package. During all that time, the plug-ins have hardly changed at all. Google added the Analog Efex Pro plug-in during its time as owner, and DxO has updated the software to be compatible with the latest Mac and Windows operating systems since it took it over, but otherwise the Nik plug-ins look much the same as they did when they were launched. In fact, they still rate as amongst the best photo-editing software applications you can get. They also include some of the best creative tools and presets available to photographers.

Download - Nik Collection by DxO

They allow a range of effects to be applied quickly and easily to images. As a result, the software became very popular with photographers and designers. Buy nik software Efex Pro was especially popular thanks to its ability to replicate black and white darkroom effects.

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