Buy office 2010 professional plus

buy office 2010 professional plus

You can install Office Professional Plus on two computers, as long as the two computers are used primarily by one user and at least one of the computers is a laptop. Key to the programs in Microsoft Office Access is a database program for holding and controlling information Excel is a spreadsheet InfoPath creates forms such as surveys Lync is similar to Skype OneNote is for your notetaking Outlook handles your emails and calendar PowerPoint creates slide shows Publisher creates leaflets and other promotion SharePoint Workspace is for sharing information with colleagues Word is for your letters and other documents Is it legit? Too many others offer only half the package. You get software and an iffy product key. But that's it. There's no Microsoft confirmation that it's legit. And no personal Microsoft account.

Five Reasons You Don't Need Microsoft Office 2010

How many of its few, new features does your company really need? And are these features worth the investment? Here are five reasons your company doesn't need to purchase Office However, if you are looking for an upgrade price, forget it. Microsoft has decided not to offer upgrade pricing anymore. After searching thoroughly for information about upgrades, I finally found the answer on a Microsoft FAQ page , and it plainly states that in order to "simplify" things, they are no longer providing version upgrades.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus mac

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