Buy Premiere Elements 8 64 bit

Buy Premiere Elements 8 64 bit

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However, this deal will only be available for a limited time. View Deal Adobe Photoshop Elements is the go-to app for busy amateur shooters determined to make family memories come alive in a unique and artistic way. Increasingly, Adobe relies on Sensei, its artificial-intelligence engine, for updates to features already present in previous versions of the photo-editing app as well as brand-new innovations. In this version of Elements, a new Home Screen, which hosts the new Auto Creations feature, accompanies simplified new templates for photo and video collages. And, for the first time in recent memory, there are no identifiable new features for the Organizer, Elements' companion-asset-management app.

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We had to update to PE 15 after a recent hardware install stopped PE 10 from working. We never upgraded because we liked the PE 10 user interface more. PE 10 can dock preview window to 2nd monitor, the 'Dual monitor" setting for PE 15 is not as good, This is a preference of ours!! It also looks like it loads and processes Pro res footage just fine, pro res was reason for upgrade, PE 10 didn't do it, but didn't Buy Premiere Elements 8 64 bit it to stop working all together.

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