Cheap office licence

cheap office licence

Dec 11, I purchased on eBay a Windows 10 license for just about five dollars. It was prominent in search results and I assumed it was legit. And it worked okay when I activated Windows 10 on my device a few weeks ago. As far as I know it's still okay, but I haven't used the device in a few days. To find the listing I just did a Google search: I've also used Bing and can see that the same low cost license deals show up with that search engine as well. Later on I was thinking of purchasing Microsoft Office for my device as well, and I saw a listing about selling a Office account. So the seller would provide an email address and a password, and this would be a lifetime license for Office

Cheap Office Licence

Medium-to-high effort: Try a Windows 7 or 8 key Microsoft Price: When Microsoft first launched Windows 10 back in , it offered Windows 7 and Windows 8 users a truly free, no-strings upgrade to the new operating system. The promotion was only available for just one year—presumably to accelerate push up Windows 10 adoption rates—and expired in July But even though Microsoft officially ended this program three years ago, it still has yet completely shut everything down.

Amazon is selling Microsoft Office 365 and 2019 for insanely cheap today

To round thing up simply in one word — No. The story behind the scenes is a little more involved than that answer though. For the software license keys to be legitimately sold to the public, they must come from the company cheap office licence produces the software and intended for that purpose. Because of the way software licensing works, there are various means of getting software keys for different purposes. Unfortunately, it cheap office licence be that the key was not originally intended for sale in Malaysia, intended for sale to educational institutions, or it could originally have been purchased illegally using a stolen credit card.

The cheapest, legal way to buy an Office product key

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