Differences between office 2010 and 2016

differences between office 2010 and 2016

Learn about the top new features in Microsoft's updated office suites Bob Nowacki - September 30, The version of Microsoft's productivity suite includes features for easier collaboration and sharing. Excel gets a boost in power, Outlook streamlines everyday tasks, and most applications help you find the command you need. The latest version of Microsoft Office includes many new productivity, collaboration, and data analysis features. Here are just a few of the top new features. Work Faster with "Tell Me" The Tell Me box in most applications helps you perform important tasks even if you don't know how to do something. Rather than using Help or just poking around, you can type what you want to do in this box. Office shows you a list of commands you can use to complete your task. If you have selected something in your document, you will see commands specific to that object. For example, if an image is selected, you will see commands related to images. Right-click a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup.

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Differences Between Office 2010 And 2016

I could not tell whether he was impatient or bored with my questions and was merely answering them because it served his interest. Because we couldn't talk at the same time, there was little chance for the conversation to move differences between office 2010 and 2016. On the other hand, his answers meant more, in a certain way, being written, than answers I would have received on the phone. I worried that he might think I was being "random" (a big putdown at Microsoft) because I jumped from topic to topic. I sometimes wondered if I was actually communicating with Bill Gates.

Differences between Office 2010, 2013 & 2016

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