Example visio process flow diagram

example visio process flow diagram

Flowcharts turn long workflows into easy to follow instructions; other diagrams allow you to get ideas across quickly and visually, such as when you need to create a floor plan or network diagram. Actually making flowcharts and diagrams is less easy, however, especially if you don't have the right tools. You can kind of twist word processors, image editors, or presentation software into a makeshift flowchart and diagramming app. You can also use a hammer to drive in screws—but the result won't be pretty. Sometimes it's worth investing in the best tool for the job, instead of improvising with what's on hand. In this case, that means dedicated software. The best apps for creating flowcharts and diagrams share five features in common: A variety of shapes to work with, including the standard options, such as ovals, arrows, rectangles, and diamonds. The best applications also make it easy for you to add your own shapes and graphics.

Example Visio Process Flow Diagram

The Best Flowchart Software and Diagramming Tools for

I think we now have a product that far exceeds what we had previously, and we move [our organisation] into a much better position for integration across all of its domains and locations. The legacy business management system had the ability to create drill-down process flow maps with integrated hyperlinks to either internal or external documents. A considerable amount of effort had been made by a small number of editors to create these flow diagrams, and these were available in a read-only web portal for exploration by authorised user worldwide. The client was sceptical that a similar look and feel or ease of use could be found within Microsoft technologies, and, most importantly, that their existing system could be migrated with as little human intervention as possible.

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How to Draw Visio Process Flow Diagram (Step by Step Tutorial)

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