Hosted exchange 365

hosted exchange 365

Email is quite possibly the most crucial aspect of your business. What would we do without email? Think about how you communicate with clients, advertise, or even communicate internally. Where your email resides could drastically affect how reliable that email is. We work with executives all the time who need to make decisions regarding their business email - sometimes it's because their current solution is unreliable, but most commonly, it's time to replace their in-house server, and they're wondering: Microsoft Exchange offers two major choices: While both options provide reliable and effective email solutions, more companies are choosing hosted Exchange over an in-house email server.

Hosted Exchange 365

Clay Ostlund February 6, For most of the time that we have had computers, the general technology landscape has been dominated by servers located inside the office. Those servers powered the services we needed to make email communications hum and provided employees access to the software and programs necessary to remain productive. With the rise of cloud computing in the modern world, there is a great debate raging between IT professionals about which email service is better for business. Is Office a fad, or the wave of the future? What about hosted exchange servers. Has their day come and gone already?

Hosted exchange 365 cost

Organizations turn to Microsoft because their product suite is able to check the boxes that Hosted exchange 365 staff, operational staff and procurement look for when making a hosted exchange 365. Their server offerings, operating systems and applications make up the central core of many a business because they are known to be reliable, stable and capable for the task at hand. Recently, Microsoft issued an end-of-life announcement that includes a number of products that a large percentage of organizations still rely on to handle day-to-day IT and end-user business functions.

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