The next-generation skin smoothing, healing and enhancing software builds on the tech of Version 2, with twice the speed and performance, plus output quality refinement that produces consistent and pleasing retouching results. Additional improvements include optimization for handling large image files shot with high-megapixel cameras and a new user interface for simpler navigation. Portraiture 3 for Lightroom will be coming soon. See the press release below: Portraiture 3 now offers twice the speed and performance of Portraiture 2 and output quality has been further refined to produce consistent and outstanding results. Imagenomic recently completed a comprehensive public beta test phase for Portraiture 3 with over one thousand registered participants. Portraiture 3 for Photoshop is being provided as a Free Upgrade to existing users of its Portraiture 2 Plug-in. About Imagenomic Imagenomic, LLC is a privately held, independent software vendor specializing in digital imagery enhancement solutions. Using our proprietary, patented algorithms, we are focused on creating high-performance software tools for retouching, noise and artifact removal, sharpening and other image correction and enhancement processes.


Imagenomic Portraiture for Lightroom v build + Medicine

Personalized cancer treatment must consider regional genomic diversity of the tumor. Different regions of the same tumor, or the primary and metastatic tumors, can have widely variable genetic signatures. This diversity causes the tumor to respond inconsistently to targeted therapy, resulting in proliferation of resistant clones and recurrence of the tumor. Mapping the genomic diversity within each tumor could improve clinical outcomes by providing information for the selection of mutations-based combinatorial therapies.

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It's refreshingly simple, and is Imagenomics to "automagically" develope your RAW files so that they get Imagenomics of the Imagenomics to a finished product with minimal effort. I like this tool quite a bit. [Linux source code only for now] PhotoFlow - Another full-fledged non-destructive RAW developer and photo-editor. This seems to be in early development stage, but Imagenomics being actively worked on. Should be an interesting alternative to Darktable and LightZone.

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