Methodology[ edit ] If the scam is conducted via written communication a bait is initiated by answering a scam email , from a throwaway email account, i. The baiter then pretends to be receptive to the financial hook that the scammer is using. For scams dependent upon telephone contact such as voice communications and SMS services, a baiter will consult a known scammer number directory or use search tools to locate active scams in operation where the scammer is inviting telephone calls. For instance, a baiter may search for fake pop-up messages, then calling the number on said pop-up. Quite often these pop-ups are disguised as official virus warnings or alerts from companies such as Microsoft or Apple. A baiter may also consult telephone number complaint websites in search of scammers who have used robocalling to lure potential victims into returning the scammer's initial phone call. The objectives of scambaiting are, in no particular order: To keep a bait session going as long as possible, thus costing the scammer time and diverting resources that would otherwise be spent on communicating with potential victims. To gather as much information as possible, so that the scammer can be identified and publicly exposed.

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