Microsoft licensing login

microsoft licensing login

Navigate to the Downloads and Keys section near the top. Here you will see an overview of all the software you have ordered. If you are having difficulty locating a title, utilise the Filters section on the left hand side. Here you can search for a product title or you can filter by product type. When looking for your software, try to locate the product with a title that is similar to what is on your Connecting Up invoice. Now that you have located the product that you require your activation for, click Key and it bring down a drop down menu. Please Note: If you would like to confirm how many licences you have, you will need to refer to your Connecting Up Invoice for your original order. When you have used your product key, the will change to reflect how many copies you have active, this helps you keep track of how many licences you have installed. Remember that not all products have product keys.

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Having met the initial entry requirements, the scheme runs for two years during which further licences can be added to the scheme one or more at a time as needed. Although the scheme expires, the licences purchased are perpetual and may be used indefinitely. Licences purchased on an Open Licensing scheme are perpetual at the point of purchase.

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Here at Intrust, almost all of our clients use Microsoft Office licensing for some combination of email hosting, Office software, and Dynamics CRM. Sometimes clients who had Microsoft prior to their relationship with Intrust IT not managing it correctly, especially microsoft licensing login it came to licensing. Microsoft licensing login client has several hundred accounts in Microsoft that utilize an array of enterprise email, Office software, and Dynamics CRM licensing. They have historically pre-paid yearly for all their licensing needs. After Intrust performed Microsoft Office auditing, we realized that they were overspending on unneeded licenses by a substantial sum.

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Oct 24, - Now that you have access to your Volume License Service Center (VLSC) account, visit and sign in with your Microsoft account details. After you sign in, click the arrow next to your name, and then click My Account. sign in with your personal Microsoft account, or work or school account when prompted View what Office subscription you have and see what licenses your.

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