Microsoft server operating systems

microsoft server operating systems

Windows Server Windows Server Unified management in Windows Admin Center is an elegant browser-based HCI remote management interface that includes software-defined network configuration and monitoring. Storage Spaces protect your data from drive failures and extend storage over time as you add drives to your servers. Mirror-accelerated parity lets you create volumes that are part mirror and part parity for 2x better performance on storage spaces direct deployments. Writes land first in the mirrored portion and are gradually moved into the parity portion. Nested Mirror Accelerated parity enables two-node clusters at the edge to survive multiple simultaneous failures. Storage class memory support for new generation of server hardware including storage class memory, which drastically improves performance for server applications. Storage Replica provides storage-agnostic, block-level, and asynchronous and synchronous replication between servers for disaster recovery and allows stretching of a failover cluster for high availability.

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There were several versions of the operating system with the NT name. Windows NT Advanced Server 3. This was a bit system, which came in a version for terminals and another for servers. The server version is what evolved into the Windows Server family of products. The split out of a specialist server version of the operating system from the standard NT version explains why there never was a Windows NT Server version 1.

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Contact your virtualization vendor for detailed information on what physical systems, adapters, storage external to the system such as SAN and NAS products, and networking devices such as switches and routers, are supported by the machine virtualization microsoft server operating systems. The virtualization vendor may microsoft server operating systems configurations that use para-virtualization drivers, i. Microsoft does not support Windows Server operating in a virtual machine environment with unsigned drivers. Please note that the vendor's machine virtualization solution may support larger virtualization, additional Operating System architectures and Processor architectures than they have submitted for validation.

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