MS Office Professional 2013 download mac

MS Office Professional 2013 download mac

Pinterest Word is powerful and flexible, but you pay for that utility. Microsoft There are many reasons for using Word. The best is that you like using it, because of its power, rich feature list, ease of use or whatever. The second reason is that you need it to read old files, which is one of your problems. This depends on the complexity of your files. If your documents include multiple columns, embedded images, custom fonts, footnotes and similar features, you can more or less forget about using anything else. But if your documents are simple text files, then a lot of programs will load them. The third reason is that we live in a world where Microsoft Office is the de facto standard for business documents, and you absolutely have to be able to read them accurately. This applies in spades to files that use VBA Visual Basic for Applications and macros, and to Excel spreadsheets where errors can have career-ending financial consequences.

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This article applies to: Eligibility The site license only covers installation of the desktop version of Office onto computers owned by Cornell University or its affiliated institutions. The information on this page only applies to faculty and staff.

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Updated July 5,5: Office vs. Office is the the traditional Microsoft Office product, sold for a one-time, up-front fee. Officeon the other hand, is the new way Microsoft wants you to buy Office. Rather than paying a hefty up-front price, you pay a monthly or yearly fee MS Office Professional 2013 download mac get access to the latest version of Office for as long as you pay the fee.

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