OEM Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Student And Teacher Edition

OEM Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Student And Teacher Edition

Macromedia-branded products Applies to: License transfer policy If you sell or give your Adobe software to an individual or business, you can transfer the license accordingly. Transferring the license allows the new owner to register the software in their name. You can, however, transfer educational versions of Macromedia-branded products to a new owner. If you transfer a license for a product suite, then the license applies to the entire suite of products. Individual products within a product suite are not eligible for a transfer of license. The transfer of a license includes all versions of that product. If you sell or donate your registered copy of an Adobe product license, then you transfer your rights to all versions of that license as well.

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Oem Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Student And Teacher Edition MAC - Google Documenten

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