OEM OmniPage Professional 18

OEM OmniPage Professional 18

This innovative solution lets you convert paper, PDFfiles and forms at lightning speed into documents you can edit on yourPC or archive in a document repository. Amazing accuracy, combined withbatch processing and comprehensive network features, make it the perfectchoice for organizations of all kinds. OmniPage eliminates paper anddigital inefficiency by improving productivity, enhancing responsivenessand reducing storage and material costs. Organizations save significanttime and money by leveraging the superior OCR and document formattingaccuracy of OmniPage to instantly convert documents into the format oftheir choice. Retyping is eliminated, tasks are automated, informationis easily accessed and productivity soars. Powerful Advantages: Take advantage of superior word accuracy to re-create documents quickly Maintain formatting so a converted document looks exactly like the original Make documents completely searchable while preserving existing text Batch convert paper and PDF files into documents you can edit and archive Automate the collection and conversion of forms and data Connect with leading cloud storage services and convert documents in them Redact and highlight automatically with workflows.

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You can get in a haze with OmniPage layout: Overall, we think OmniPage needs a serious design overhaul, to really meet the needs of its users. Features OmniPage is an OCR software, meaning that it could scan a printed page, but also recognize the text on a digital file. It lets you scan pages in over languages, far Eastern alphabets included.

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Nuance OmniPage Professional 18 Free Download Mac/Win - How to install guide

Looking for a store to buy cheap Nuance OmniPage Professional 18? If you want to buy Nuance OmniPage Professional 18 for a lowest price - just buy OEM. OmniPage Professional 18 is the fastest, most precise way to convert paper, PDF files Windows 10 Home OEM 64 Bit DVD English Language | Full Product. Showing the single result. Placeholder · Canon OMNIPAGE PROFESSIONAL 18 NUANCE SCANNING AND OCR SOFTWARE – OEM OMNIPAGEPRO

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