OEM Sage ACT Premium 2011

OEM Sage ACT Premium 2011

Install on up to 3 PCs! Why DejaOffice is Best Act! Mobile without a Web App Your Act! Contacts, Activities, Notes and History are available in DejaOffice whether your phone is connected or not. If your phone is in airplane mode, or outside a signal, you can still change a contact, add a note or and schedule an activity. Next time you connect your PC will "catch up". Use Android Widgets with Act! Android phones have Widgets on the Android Desktop. DejaOffice widgets can show your full contact list, and your full day's schedule without ever opening an app. See All your Contacts on your Phone No limitations to the number of contacts on your phone!

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Sage ACT! Premium by Sage Software - Should I Remove It?

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Product Overview: Sage ACT! Premium enables teams of selling professionals to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritise activities, and track all contact-related communications to increase sales team productivity. Scalable to accommodate larger workgroups or teams, Sage ACT!

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