Sql server 2017 new features

sql server 2017 new features

My general guidance would be to strongly prefer SQL Server in most cases, unless you have a valid, tangible reason not to. For example, if you have 3rd party software that is explicitly not supported on SQL Server , that could be a blocker although I would try talking to your software vendor about that. So why should you prefer SQL Server ? Here are a number of reasons in several different categories. This feature helps detect and automatically correct many query plan stability issues. Another new feature is Adaptive Query Processing AQP which is enabled with compatibility mode , which is very helpful for batch mode operations used with Columnstore indexes.

SQL Server Express - Backup, Features, Comparing editions

New Features in SQL Server (Database Engine) | abramtsewo.ru

Since its first release, SQL Server Express has always been a fast and reliable solution for applications and websites, with more than enough requirements for most uses. Recently, Microsoft has also released the Express edition of SQL Server , which still increases the maximum limits for its use, and also adds new interesting features on security and application deployment. See also: SQL Server backup and SQL Express backup with Iperius The limitations of SQL Express with respect to the Standard and Enterprise versions mainly concern the size of the single database, which cannot exceed 10 GB, the limitation of memory usage for the various instances, and the maximum use of 4 processor cores.

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While SQL Server may not have as comprehensive of a feature set as SQL Serverthere is still some big news and very interesting new features. I was able to quickly download the latest Linux release on Docker and have it up and running on my Mac during today's briefing. I have previously written about the Linux release here. That speed to development is one of the major benefits of Docker that Sql server 2017 new features hopes developers will leverage when building new applications.

SQL Server 2017 – Everything you need to know

Oct 19, - SQL Server Database Engine. SQL Server includes many new Database Engine features, enhancements, and performance  ‎SQL Server Database · ‎SQL Server · ‎Machine Learning in SQL. Aug 23, - The changes introduced in SQL Server discussed here include the following features: SQL Server on Linux. Resumable online index rebuild. SQL Server machine learning services. Query processing improvements. Automatic database tuning. TempDB file size improvements. Smart differential backup. Smart transaction log ‎Query processing · ‎Automatic database tuning · ‎Smart transaction log backup. Aug 14, - The next great feature that's new in SQL Server is the addition of support for the Python scripting language, which is in addition to R.

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