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sql versionen

Optionally versioned SQL migrations can also omit both the separator and the description. Migrations reside in one or more directories referenced by the locations property. Locations with the filesystem: Unprefixed locations or locations with the classpath: Once you have configured the locations you want to use, Flyway will automatically pick up any new SQL migrations as long as they conform to the configured naming convention. This scanning is recursive. All migrations in non-hidden directories below the specified ones are also picked up. Syntax Flyway supports all regular SQL syntax elements including:

Sql Versionen

How to check SQL server version name using command prompt

Component Details Auditing To set up auditing, set the parameter rds. If your DB instance is not already using a custom DB parameter group, you must create a custom parameter group and attach it to your DB instance before you can modify the rds. Encryption at Rest To set up encryption at rest, you have two options: If you force connections to use SSL, it happens transparently to the client, and the client doesn't have to do any work to use SSL. If no version is specified, Amazon RDS defaults to a supported version, typically the most recent version.

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SQL Server 4. SQL Server 6. About the time Windows NT was released in JulySybase sql versionen Microsoft parted ways and each pursued its own design and marketing schemes.

SQL Server Editions - SQL Server Basics #1

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