Streets and Trips 2010 discount

Streets and Trips 2010 discount

And that remains true of the latest version, Streets and Trips , even though many of its new features are less than compelling. If you're not familiar with it, Streets and Trips turns your laptop or netbook into a full-fledged GPS-navigation and trip-planning device. As with previous versions, Streets and Trips ships in two packages: Microsoft hasn't broken much new ground with the latest version of Streets and Trips. You do get updated maps for the U. The major additions to the product, however, consist of a new "Send to GPS" feature as well as the ability to export route information in the standard GPX format. These are nice additions, but their usefulness is limited.

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Jim M. I think all of these approaches to switching the license between devices and requiring on-line registration or activation are going in the wrong direction. The distributors made some intentional errors on the floppies so that they could not be duplicated easily.


Flexible multi-stage routing. Detailed maps. Fast route calculations.

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