Tickets 4 u

tickets 4 u

They supply high-quality products as well as share knowledge and experience of successful fundraising to help make it easy, simple and enjoyable for PTAs to raise money. On the Raffle Tickets 4U website you can easily create customised raffle tickets using the online editor. You can add logos, immediately proof your tickets and use seasonal designs to create a raffle ticket perfect for your fundraising event. Why has Parentkind decided to work with Raffle Tickets 4 U? Raffle Tickets 4U has been a supplier with Parentkind for more than four years. They are passionate about providing the best customer experience and print more than 15 million tickets per annum, so we are confident they have the ability to accommodate large orders for your PTA.


I bought Metallica concert tickets from Tickets4u. I called the merchant several times - and sent several emails - in the past month trying to understand why I haven't gotten my concert tickets. It's especially important for me to know the status since my sister and I were going to book flights to Amsterdam. They kept telling me that my transaction is not "correct". They pretended that my bank emailed them to tell them that my transaction is not "correct".

Raffle Tickets 4U

The "must-have" list is actually quite simple and manageable. :) Having said all that, let's cover exactly what you'll need. We'll move from the most minimal setup, up to a tickets 4 u extras that could make your life easier. But remember, this is all in the context of what a beginner will need, so none of it is too crazy. We'll make some tickets 4 u recommendations to save you time and money, but if you're the type that's heavy into researching, we'll link you to some of our buying guides that go into depth on a particular piece of gear.

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