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Do you think you're a hotshot when it comes to vocabulary? Do you think that just because you learned a bunch of words a long time ago, you mastered the English language? You mastered nothing, bucko. If anything, you need to start taking some refresher courses, which is why you're about to be enrolled in Word U, the world's first university devoted entirely to the art of spelling. The Spelling's the Thing There are tons of words to spell here at Word U, but only so many letters to spell them with. Can you find the words hidden within the jumbles? Complete hundreds of levels and spell thousands of words.

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The guy was describing a new group called Organization United for Respect at Walmart , which was recruiting employees like Fletcher to demand higher wages, better benefits, and less-punishing work schedules. Fletcher liked what he heard, but was skeptical. And with good reason:

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And it also said, you don't want to buy one of these computers where you put a cartridge in. I think that was a reference to one of the Atari or something. Steve: We had some very strange ads back then. We had one where it u word in a kitchen and there was a woman that looked like the wife and she was typing in recipes on the computer with the husband looking on approvingly in u word back. Stuff like that.

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