The experience and functionality are very similar between platforms which make it easy for me to switch between them and still be productive. The same extends for calendar. I would love to be able to see my calendar events from outlook in the calendar app, just as a kind of unifying calendar app. Rating is generous for encouragement Reasonably functional. No crashes problems. Lacks a lot of the functionality of other, more mature, Exchange email clients. My wish list would be for a collapsible email folder structure. Note that I use the iPad email and contacts apps for personal stuff.


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You can help by adding to it. February Macintosh[ edit ] Microsoft also released several versions of Outlook for classic Mac OS , though it was only for use with Exchange servers. It was not provided as a component of Microsoft Office for Mac, but instead made available to users from administrators or by download.

Adding Outlook Email and Calendar App to Microsoft Teams, a proof of concept

We didn't know how many transactions were going to hit us, and could we scale. It was a constant. it's always scary being a service. And you can ask any uotlook provider out there predicting capacity, predicting demand, making sure you're keeping up uotlook it, it's uotlook really hard job.

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