Verschil windows 10 pro en home

verschil windows 10 pro en home

Updated October 18, , 3: However, Microsoft has since discontinued this application. Standard editions of Windows are also available for purchase. These editions of Windows exist entirely for legal reasons. In , the European Commission found Microsoft had violated European antitrust law, abusing its monopoly in the market to hurt competing video and audio applications. Consumers and PC manufacturers can choose this version of Windows and install their preferred multimedia applications without Windows Media Player also being present.

Cheap verschil windows 10 pro en home

By Mark Coppock October 2, The Surface Pro 6 was plenty fast as well, though, so does this update make the Surface Pro 7 an imperative purchase? As usual, it magnetically attaches to the slate and can be propped up for a comfortable typing experience. The displays are touch-enabled, as expected. Both Surface Pros come in black as well.

Verschil Windows 10 Pro En Home

Microsoft was originally unveiled last year at Inspire Microsoft Business and Microsoft Enterprise. Microsoft Business is designed specifically for small-to-medium sized businesses with up to users. This offering only offers basic security features, but still acts as a great turnkey solution for smaller businesses who want a more integrated and secure way of using Windows 10 and Office Office

How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

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