Visio 2013 professional vs standard

visio 2013 professional vs standard

Microsoft Visio Visio is a powerful diagraming application that lets you work visually to create all sorts of diagrams and is industry-leading with over 12 million users. Visio makes it easier to define business processes, document best practices, visualize the future state of transformative initiatives and stay on top of operational insights in your company. By using Office , you can share Visio diagrams with everyone and communicate one version of the truth to push organization-wide alignment. Visio is also available as Visio Online , either as a full user subscription license or as an Add-On to Visio Visio Editions Visio Standard Visio Standard is the perfect tool for individuals looking for a powerful diagramming tool with a rich set of built-in stencils. Simplify complex information through simple, easy-to-understand diagrams. Visio Standard includes stencils for business, organization charts, basic network diagrams, basic flowcharts, and general multi-purpose diagrams. Visio Professional Visio Professional enables individuals and teams to create and share professional, versatile diagrams which help simplify complex information.

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Outlook Search through Windows Shell [38] Features removed from Microsoft PowerPoint Support for Visio Drawing Distribution changes[ edit ] Unlike past versions of Office, retail copies of Office on DVD are only offered in select regions, such as those Microsoft classifies as emerging markets , as well as Australia , at the discretion of retailers. In all other regions, retail copies of Office and Office subscriptions only contain a product key , and direct users to the Office website to redeem their license and download the software. In previous versions of Office, this restriction applied only to OEM editions; retail Office license agreements allowed uninstalling from one computer to install on another computer.

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The changes may have licensing and compliance impact for customers with existing installations. Fewer Editions, Increased Prices Visio is drawing software that customers use to manipulate and connect shapes, data sources, and process details to create flowcharts, diagrams, charts, and other business images. Visiothe latest version, was released in conjunction with Office on Jan.

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I'm new to visio I downloaded the professional trial the other day and loaded in my stencil's from several manufactures and they allĀ  Visio standard or Professional: which one to buy. Jan 8, - Microsoft Visio Standard is designed for people looking for a powerful diagraming platform with a rich set of built-in stencils. Microsoft Visio Pro for Office , available as a subscription through Microsoft Office , includes the same features, stencils and shapes as in Visio Professional

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