What is visio

what is visio

Discussion Microsoft Visio is a diagramming tool that allows you to create diagrams ranging from simple to complex , which aid in data visualization and process modelling. Visio also helps to create detailed org charts, floor plans, pivot diagrams, etc. This tutorial will help you understand the basics of the program and how you can use it to create informative diagrams for home or enterprise use. Audience Microsoft Visio is an enterprise class software that is used by professionals to create diagrams of varying complexities — from networking diagrams to floor plans, and even org charts and timelines. However, Visio is also gaining traction among home users for planning their home layouts or simple layout plans.

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June 28, Microsoft Visio from Office remains a powerful visualization tool for businesses that very few people are aware of, and even fewer know how to use. Its data-linking functionality is particularly powerful in cutting through the noise of numbers and figures and presenting them in a clean, visually appealing way that gets the information across to all members of your organization. What is Visio? Put simply, Visio is a Microsoft Office program that functions like a visualization tool to show data in an easily understandable way. Most often used for data that fits well with diagrams and charts, Visio takes standard images and allows flowcharts and decision diagrams to utilize those images to explain data. If you make flowcharts or process maps, this is the tool of choice in the Project Management and Business Analyst, Network and Infrastructure communities.

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Start Now History of Visio Visio what is visio 1. Visio was the first product shipped by Shapeware, as the company had only incorporated 3 years earlier in As Visio software grew in popularity and recognition, Shapeware changed their name in to the Visio Corporation to match their burgeoning diagramming software.

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