Windows 7 professional for sale

windows 7 professional for sale

Not an upgrade version The key is new and has never been installed on any computer. Genuine and unregistered product key. Will install on self built or custom built unbranded machines. Retail packaging is NOT included. OEM Software - Microsoft's Distribution Agreement for System Builders states that the system builder software packs are not intended for distribution to end users unless the end users are acting as system builders by assembling their own PCs. A "system builder" is anyone who assembles, reassembles or installs software on a new or used computer system. Therefore, we sell these items bundled with the original broken system motherboard. You are purchasing this software which is bundled with hardware. From the Manufacturer With Windows 7 Professional, fewer walls stand between you and your success.

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At the time Microsoft had not yet announced when they would similarly shutter pre-installed Windows 7 Pro sales, but that time has now come. On October 31st, Microsoft will stop providing their hardware manufacturing partners with Win 7 Pro licenses to install, which means that current users of that particular OS as well as Windows 8. Many dedicated device builders, including a large portion of our embedded PC clients, find the flexibility and customization options of Windows Embedded very appealing.

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Advertisement Microsoft is slowly decommissioning its former Windows flagship. Buy A Windows 7 License: OEM, Retail, Or Second Hand In a previous article on how to obtain a legal copy of Windows 7we recommended you to look into online retailers or second-hand options. Be extra careful with the former.

Use of this OEM System Builder Channel software is subject to the terms of the Microsoft OEM System Builder License. This software is intended for. Nov 25, - But if you prefer the familiar Windows 7 interface (or need it for testing and PCs they offer must include the more expensive Windows 7 Professional. , (For details, see "What the Windows 7 Pro sales lifecycle changes. Discover amazing local deals on Windows 7 for sale ✅ Quick & hassle-free Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32/bit DVD UK Box Includes: Product Key 2.

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