Windows 7 professional oem license

windows 7 professional oem license

Updated July 6, , 8: If only it was so simple. In other words, there are four different consumer versions of Windows to choose from. Microsoft is Misleading Consumers With Windows 8. On Windows XP, Vista, and 8, this was allowed. On Windows 7 and now 8. Technically, you can do this. Another is for people building computers and preinstalling Windows, or maybe building their own PCs — it seems to go back and forth with each Windows release. These are designed for sale to average computer users who may be buying a new Windows license to upgrade their computer to a new version of Windows.

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It is obvious, that when you remove the old hard drive from your PC and replace it with a new one, all your stuff won't be on the new drive. So to succesfully replace the hard drive, some preliminary steps are needed. Even in the best case, where you're prepared to lose all of your files and information, the only thing that you need to transfer is your Windows 7 license. In Microsoft lingo it is called The Activation. This literally means, that your Windows will emulate E. In this particular case following circumstances exist:

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Main editions[ edit ] Since October 31,Windows 7 is no longer available in retail except for the Professional edition preinstalled which was discontinued on October 31, It is only available in a bit version and does not include the Windows Aero theme. Windows 7 professional oem license desktop wallpaper and visual styles Windows 7 Basic are not user-changeable. In the release candidate versions of Windows 7, Microsoft intended to restrict users of this edition to running three simultaneous programs, but this limitation was dropped in the final release. This edition was available pre-installed on computers, especially netbooks or Windows Tablets, through system integrators windows 7 professional oem license computer manufacturers using OEM licenses.

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Nov 25, - However, the license agreement with those copies explicitly prohibits you The current price for OEM Windows 7 Professional at Newegg, for. Each Windows 7 OEM version contains one license, an end user license agreement (EULA), and is intended for one computer. The license includes a product.

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