Windows 7 retail version

windows 7 retail version

Richard Hay Sep 28, If you upgraded an OEM device to Windows 10 for free then you can still reinstall Windows 10 on it for the lifetime of the device since that license can not be legally transferred to other hardware anyway. If you upgraded a retail version of Windows 7 or 8. In both of these situations Windows 10 will need to be purchased for new systems. That article from Microsoft , which was long overdue, still left one question unanswered about retail copies of Windows 7 and 8. The OEM side is straight forward because of licenses being tied to hardware.

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Updated July 6, , 8: If only it was so simple. In other words, there are four different consumer versions of Windows to choose from.

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Not an upgrade version The key is new and has never been installed on any computer. Genuine and unregistered product key. Will install on self built or custom built unbranded machines.

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