Windows 8 oem download

windows 8 oem download

Windows 8 basic came pre-installed but I want a full windows 8 OEM installation disc. I see some people obtained this when they purchased their laptop, however I did not. I already own the serial key and do not need to purchase a new one. Yes I have done several search and hours of research on this only to get these answers: I want a physical disc with a clean OEM copy of the operating system on the laptop I own.

Windows 8 Oem Download

Windows 8 Product Review: Windows 8 is the most stable release in operating systems by Microsoft. Beautiful look, quick in performance and immaculate security with respect to user files and operating system drive files, are some of the un-matchable features of this release. Performance wise windows 8 is better than the previous release Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. Sleek design and faster boot options are also adding an extra interest for Windows 8 to be chosen as your operating system. About updates, no need to worry, Completely automated process as required by windows.

Windows 8 OEM disk lost, trying to reset 8.1

Updated May 29,1: Microsoft offers free ISO files for downloading; you just have to know where to look. Instead, you get windows 8 oem download installation media straight from Microsoft. The most important thing is that you have a valid license key. How Does BitTorrent Work?

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