Windows server 2019

windows server 2019

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Windows Server - MS Embedded

What the badge means The "Certified for Windows Server " and "Certified for Windows Server " badges identify hardware components, devices, drivers, systems and solutions that meet Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices with the Windows Server operating system. Products and Solutions that have earned the Certified for Windows Server badge are also fully supported in Hyper-V environment. The badges that identify certification for earlier Windows Server operating system versions, such as the "Certified for Windows Server R2" and "Certified for Windows Server " , and the "Certified for Microsoft Windows Server R2" and "Certified for Microsoft Windows Server " badges identify hardware and software solutions that meet Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices with the respective Windows Server operating systems. Solutions that have earned either of these Certified for Windows Server logos are also fully supported in Hyper-V environment from the same release. The certified applications have been tested by Independent Software Vendors ISVs using technical specifications and tools required by Microsoft. ISVs have independently verified the compatibility of such applications and confirmed support to customers that deploy the certified applications.

Windows Server 2019

Enhanced security Microsoft Windows Server is believed to be windows server 2019 most secure version to date, which has features like Device Guard and Credential Guard. The Device Guard feature prevents the malicious malware threats which are always present in the IT world. The Credential Guard feature protects your login information with more scrutiny. Greater windows server 2019 Greater efficiency In server terminology — smaller the size of containers, better the efficiency. The containers in Windows Server are smaller, which means that it does not take much space on the server operating system.

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