Windows software assurance

windows software assurance

Jun 25, Software Assurance for Volume Licensing includes a range of benefits that span Microsoft software and services. Software Assurance Benefits Planning services Get in-depth planning assistance from qualified partners or Microsoft Services to help you plan your deployment, whether on-premises or in the cloud. These structured engagements help you plan your deployment of the latest Microsoft technology and are available for many products and services. Help ensure efficient deployments through collaborative planning built on best practices. Gain expert advice through structured engagements provided by qualified partners. Learn more about Software Assurance Planning Services Technical and End-User Training Your organization thrives on successful employees, efficient process, and the right technology. Software Assurance promotes all three with training that helps you empower employees, design process, and plan your IT deployments. Class-based and online courses are designed to help you realize the return on your investment by providing the targeted information you need for effective and efficient deployment, management, and support of new Microsoft technologies. Training Vouchers for technical training Build heroes within your organization.

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Overview[ edit ] Microsoft differentiates License and Software Assurance. Customers may purchase depending on the program , a license without Software Assurance, Software Assurance only but only to be used in combination with an existing license , both a License and Software Assurance together. The three possibilities are not always available, depending on the program single license or volume license. Free upgrades: Subscribers may upgrade to newer versions of their Microsoft software Access to exclusive software products: Free training from Microsoft and access to Microsoft E-Learning, a series of interactive online training tools for users.

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Software Assurance is a comprehensive Volume Licensing program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help you deploy, manage, and use your Microsoft products more efficiently. Windows software assurance Software Assurance benefits can help you take full advantage of your investments in IT. How do I get Software Assurance? Software Assurance is included with some Volume Licensing programs and is an windows software assurance purchase with others.

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